Design Guides

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is a metal 3D printing technology that builds prototype and production metal parts from a CAD file using a laser to selectively fuse a fine metal powder in stainless steel, aluminum, and other high-performance alloys . DMLS is capable of producing highly complex features and all-in-one assemblies using metal materials that would be difficult to achieve through traditional manufacturing processes. DMLS is often used as a substitution for metal casting. DMLS enables companies to bring products to market they never thought possible with real metal parts and no upfront tooling costs.

DMLS Design Guides

When designing for DMLS , consider the following recommendations to improve the overall quality and finish of your product.
Build Volume: 500 x 280 x 360 mm
Tips & Tricks:
Reducing support demand will reduce printing costs
Grid structure can reduce the weight of components
Metal 3D printing parts have excellent mechanical properties
Parts with large solid section can be printed with skin and core instead
No processing, shorten delivery time
Manufacture of complex shapes or interna
It can be sintered in small area and foil
Simultaneous production of multiple parts
Printing of multiple metal materials
High material and manufacturing costs
Need a lot of post-processing
Rough surface treatment
Surface Finishes:
Nickel based、
Cobalt based、
Iron-based alloys、
Carbide composites、

Tolerances: ± 0.5 mm is standard.

Walls: DMLS can manage very thin walls but QSY do not recommend anything under 0.8 – 1mm.Size of single piece can not be less than 10*10*10mm.

Holes & Slots: Minimum 0.5mm gap between axel and bore or other moving parts.

Holes & Slots: We recommend a minimum of 0.5mm but the larger the better especially as wall thickness or depth increases.

Text & Engraved Details: Are at risk of closing up if not designed with 0.5mm > minimum height.

Pins & Embossed Features: Pins ≥ 0.8mm but even then risk breaking. Embossed features ≥ 0.3mm.