QSYrapid: The Premier B2B 3D Printing Services Provider From China

Shenzhen Qisiyin 3D Printing Technolgy Co. Ltd (QSYrapid) has established itself as a leading 3D printing service provider for businesses over its 30 years of operation. With its customer-centric approach, QSYrapid delivers fast, accurate quotes and hassle-free ordering to streamline additive manufacturing for clients. 

About QSYrapid

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, QSYrapid specializes in prototype model making and 3D printing services. The company leverages two decades of expertise in prototype production to serve over 500 employees working across its 4,000-square-meter production facility. With an extensive fleet of over 100 3D printers and post-processing equipment, QSYrapid can deliver orders in 24 hours.

QSYrapid has developed a proprietary online quoting system that generates instant 3D printing price estimates in 3 seconds. Customers can easily upload 3D/CAD files and get quotes for materials, lead times, and more. The user-friendly dashboard allows for self-service ordering and real-time order tracking. 

Remaining committed to creating value for customers, employee welfare, and social responsibility, QSYrapid strives to provide the highest quality prototypes and excellent service. The company constantly works to make the best prototypes and support product development through thoughtful, innovative 3D printing solutions. 

QSY rapid’s factory appearance display

Corporate Culture and Values

Integrity, mutual benefit, efficiency and innovation, professionalism, learning, unity, and gratitude form the core values at QSYrapid. The company’s business philosophy focuses on creating value for customers to improve employee welfare and make social contributions.

QSYrapid’s mission is to support product R&D and technological innovation by thoughtfully producing excellent prototypes that advance human progress. Its vision is to become a century-old company that shapes the future through 3D printing services. 

Service Offerings

QSYrapid provides a range of services to make 3D printing efficient and accessible: 

  1. Instant Online Quotes: The proprietary pricing system provides instant 3D printing price comparisons in seconds through easy file uploads.
  2. Professional 3D Printing: QSYrapid prints on SLA, SLS, SLM, and various other industrial 3D printers for all prototyping needs.
  3. Surface Finishing: Post-processing services include sanding, polishing, pad printing, electroplating, oil spraying, and other finishes.

Online 3D Printing Simplified

With QSYrapid’s online platform, customers can go from 3D files to completed prints in their hands through a few simple steps: 

  1. Upload Files: Drag and drop 3D/CAD files onto the website or desktop uploader. STL, STEP, IGES, OBJ, and more formats are supported.
  2. Instant Quote: The system automatically provides a detailed quote comparing materials, lead times, and pricing in seconds.
  3. Order: Select material, quantity, and delivery date through self-service ordering for maximum convenience.
  4. Production: QSYrapid engineers review files, slice prints, and get models ready for production using top-of-the-line industrial 3D printers.
  5. Quality Control: Prints are carefully examined, post-processed, cleaned, and prepared for shipping with rigorous QA procedures.
  6. Delivery: Orders are securely packaged and shipped via express courier, reaching customers worldwide.

3D Design Services

QSYrapid also offers affordable 3D design services by connecting customers with highly skilled designers on the platform: 

  1. Identify design requirements and dimensions
  2. Submit design requests with project details
  3. Designers provide quotes and contacts to discuss concepts
  4. Communicate directly with designers to finalize the perfect 3D model

With over 500 professional designers available, QSYrapid makes it simple to get CAD modeling support for any application. 

High quality, high precision-3D printing prototype

3D Printed Products

In addition to printing customer-provided files, QSYrapid offers instant online quotes for customizable, high-quality 3D printed products, including: 

  • Robotics and hobby models
  • Architectural scale models
  • Automotive prototypes
  • Medical devices
  • Jewelry and figurines
  • Aerospace components

The expansive product catalog contains pre-designed 3D models that can be tailored to specific sizes, colors, materials, and finish requirements. Customers gain complete visualization of products with 3D previews from every angle. 

3D Printing Process

QSYrapid has fine-tuned an efficient production process to deliver predictable, repeatable, high-quality prints: 

  • File preparation: 3D models are assessed for printability and optimized by expert engineers
  • 3D printing: Parts are manufactured on the optimal industrial 3D printer for each material and application
  • Post-processing: Supports are removed, and prints are sanded, polished, finished, and cleaned
  • Quality inspection: Each order undergoes strict quality control checks before shipment
  • Packaging: Prints are securely packaged to prevent damage during delivery

By maintaining consistency across each production step, QSYrapid ensures prints precisely match 3D models to bring designs to reality. 

Transparent Flower-3D Printing Transparent Resin

Cutting-edge 3D Printing Technology

QSYrapid has continually invested in advanced 3D printing systems to offer diverse technologies, materials, quality, and capabilities. The company operates: 

  • 80+ industrial SLA 3D printers offering ultra-fine detail and surface finishes
  • 20+ SLS nylon laser sintering systems for strong functional prototypes
  • 20+ SLM metal 3D printers for end-use stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and alloy parts
  • 10 FDM printers for low-cost ABS and engineering plastics prototyping

With multi-material 3D printing capacities, QSYrapid provides the ideal process for each application, from concept models to manufacturing. Print quality and tolerances down to ±0.1mm are delivered based on specific material properties and 3D printer resolution. 

Proven Industry Applications

For over 30 years, leading companies have relied on QSYrapid’s expertise to accelerate product development across industries, including: 

  • Automotive – Body panels, interiors, engine and transmission parts
  • Aerospace – Aircraft components, rocket, and satellite models
  • Appliances – Prototypes for electronics, kitchen appliances, HVAC systems
  • Lighting – LED lighting concepts and functional prototypes
  • Robotics – Robotic arm models and end effectors
  • Architecture – Building models, construction tools, architectural renderings

With demonstrated capabilities across diverse sectors, QSYrapid has become a trusted partner for enterprises in realizing innovative visions through 3D printing. 

Notable Customer Achievements

QSYrapid is proud to have supported customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups and universities. The company has delivered high-value solutions for: 

  • Xiaomi – Wide range of consumer electronics prototyping
  • Tencent – Gaming hardware and accessories
  • DJI – Drone and gimbal prototypes
  • Huawei – Smartphone conceptual models
  • Estée Lauder – Cosmetic product testing and sampling
  • Audi – Automotive styling models and interiors
  • Airbus – Aircraft component verification models

By collaborating with globally recognized leaders across electronics, automotive, robotics, and aerospace, QSYrapid has proven capabilities to meet the most demanding industry needs. 

Quality Commitment

QSYrapid upholds rigorous quality control standards as certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 27001: 

  • Quality first – Deliver consistent, reliable prototype quality
  • Customer trust – Enable success through responsive service
  • Continuous improvement – Regularly enhance processes and technology
  • Pursuit of excellence – Exceed expectations for 3D printing

QSYrapid is also committed to minimizing environmental impact through sustainable practices certified under ISO 14001:

  • Protect the environment – Operate responsibly to preserve nature
  • Reduce pollution – Limit emissions and waste 
  • Care for the environment – Optimize energy and resource usage

By embedding quality and sustainability into its business operations, QSYrapid aims to advance 3D printing technology for the benefit of customers and society as a whole. 

Ongoing SLA 3D printing services


With two decades of expertise, QSYrapid has emerged as a leading 3D printing services provider delivering value to global businesses. The company’s customer-first approach, leading-edge technologies, and rigorous quality procedures make QSYrapid the premier partner for enterprises adopting additive manufacturing. As 3D printing continues revolutionizing product development across industries, QSYrapid stands ready to provide the platform and services for businesses to unlock innovation and stay ahead of the market.