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When working on certain projects, you may need specific parts that are custom-made for the item. Going through a traditional manufacturing process for these parts can be time-consuming, but a 3D printing service can speed it up significantly. Rapid prototyping allows you to find the best design for parts in your project at a faster and more efficient rate. With this said, it’s important to ensure you choose the best 3D printing service that will work for your project. We’ll help you understand what to look for in this post.

Criteria for Selecting Top 3D Printing Services

There are many companies that offer a 3D printing service to help with both manufacturing and rapid prototyping. They do not offer the same level of service, however. This is why you should carefully assess your options to choose one that is appropriate for your requirements. We take a closer look at the most important factors to consider.


  1. Quality and Precision: Make sure the company uses appropriate machinery in the 3D printing process. You should also look for reviews to ensure they are known for producing high-quality partsthat are also accurate according to the needs of your project.
  2. Material Options: Material options are often also different among 3D printing companies. Be sure to look for a service provider that can work with the specific type of materials you need to use in manufacturing.
  3. Lead Time and Speed:You don’t want to wait too long, as the idea with rapid prototyping is to get your design completed as quickly as possible. Thus, ask the company about the timeframe for developing prototypes and when manufacturing the actual parts.
  4. Pricing and Value:Another thing to consider is price, but that does not necessarily mean turning to the cheapest company. If paying a little more means you get a greater diversity of materials, higher quality, and a faster turnaround time, it might be worth the investment.
  5. Customer Service and Support:You also want to work with a company that can provide you with the support you need when you need it. Make sure they excel at customer service, as this can further help to prevent any delays.

Top Reasons to Choose QSY for 3D Printing Services

QSY is a recognized 3D printing service provider, and customers choose this company to assist with custom printed solutions in various industries. Here are just some of the reasons companies often turn to QSY for their 3D printing service requirements:


  1. 20+ Years of Experience:QSY has more than 100 engineers and over 20 years of experience. This makes them a leader in the 3D printing industry.
  2. One-Stop Solution:The large variety of solutions that are available at QSY also makes them a one-stop service provider. The company works with you, from the prototyping of parts that will help to make your product stand out all the way to manufacturing the parts at a specific scale to ensure you always have a supply on hand.
  3. Budget Control: QSY prides itself in working closely with every client – and during the process, your budget is taken into careful consideration. This helps to avoid running into problems with too many expenses.


QSY has been in the business for an extended period of time and continues to deliver exceptional 3D printing service options to those who require rapid prototyping to prevent delays. The company also works with manufacturers to get the prototyped part produced at a scale that fits their needs once approved. For more details and to talk to one of QSY’s expert consultants, simply reach out on our website or give us a call.