3D printing – Aerospace engine model

Processing method:SLA
Materials used:Photosensitive resin
Maximum accuracy:0.1mm
Production cycle:30 days
Product size:60cm*30cm*33cm
Post-processing:polish + spray metal oil

Case introduction

Our country's scientific research and technological reserves in the field of aerospace have ensured that the motherland can independently develop our country's aerospace industry according to its own plans, but the country still spares no effort to cultivate the scientific and technological talents needed for the aerospace industry. Among them, the aerospace engine, which is indispensable in aerospace, is its core component, and its research and teaching have always been the focus of aerospace engineering. Including holding various aerospace technology exhibitions and stimulating and cultivating the interest of the younger generation in aerospace technology, it is necessary to use aerospace engine models. We can often see the shape of aerospace engines on the Internet, media, and TV. This case is a model of an aircraft engine that QSYrapid completed using its more than 30 years of experience in prototyping.

QSYrapid received a request from a customer to make a model of an aircraft engine. Everyone knows that the research and development and manufacturing of aircraft engines are high-precision technologies. The manufacturing process of aerospace engines is very demanding because its internal and external structures are very It’s complicated and has a lot of parts. Even making an engine model has very high requirements. The accuracy of each component needs to be maintained to a comparative level, and finally a complete engine model can be assembled smoothly.

Aerospace is only an undertaking that a few major countries in the world can continue to support and develop. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the development of the aerospace field can be said to be that of latecomers. Judging from current news reports on my country's aerospace development, Chinese technology is fully capable of independent research and development and independent production, without being restricted by foreign technology. The development of my country's aerospace industry to the height that the world looks up to today is due to the support of the state and the scientific and technological research and innovative development of successive generations of scientific and technological workers in China's aerospace industry. As a prototype manufacturing factory, QSYrapid is also willing to contribute its meager strength to the development of my country's aerospace industry.